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Best Nephrology Doctors In india

33 Years of Exp.
best doctor in india
Dr. Anant Kumar has 35 years of experience in Urology & Kidney Transplant. He is currently,Chairman of Uro-Oncology, Robotic & Kidney Transplantation, Max Hospital at Saket New Delhi & Max Hospital Vaishali. He is well-known as one of the best robotic and laparoscopic surgeons in India.
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22 Years of Exp.
best doctor in india
The HOD at Nephrology department at Manipal Hospitals, Dwarka, Dr. Saurabh Pokhariyal has over 20 years of experience in his field. Previously Dr. Saurabh Pokhariyal has worked as assistant Professor (Nephrology) at Nizams Institute in Hyderabad. Dr. Saurabh Pokhariyal complet
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30 Years of Exp.
best doctor in india
Dr. Bejoy Abraham is Consultant, Urology & Kidney Transplant Surgery Dept, Kokilaben Dhirubai Ambani Hospital in Mumbai.
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30 Years of Exp.
best doctor in india
Dr Sanjay Gogoi is the Head of Department at Manipal Hospitals, Dwarka. With over 20 years of experience, Dr. Sanjay Gogoi is a renowned name in the field of Urology. In the field of renal transplantation, Dr Gogoi is expert in minimally invasive transplant techniques of Laparoscopic and Robot Assis
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Best Treatments in India

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Today, Retrograde intrarenal surgery (RIRS) is considered as the first-line therapy in the diagnosis and treatment of renal stones up to 2 cm. This safe and effective technique is best described as a minimally invasive procedure that demonstrates efficacy even in the most complicated clinical scenarios such as coagulopathy, kidney malformations, pregnancy, obesity, and calyceal diverticula.

Why you must visit India for RIRS Treatment?

India is home to some of the world's most reputed RIRS surgeons. Highly-experienced surgeons and state-of-the-art infrastructure at the Indian RIRS treatment hospitals make it the ideal hub for RIRS treatment.
Here are some of the top benefits of undergoing RIRS treatment in India:

  • Top-tier RIRS treatment hospitals in India leverage advanced treatment methodologies and the latest technologies for diagnosing and treating kidney stones.
  • The overall cost of diagnosis and treatment of kidney stones is very economical in India. This is the primary reason why thousands of patients from all parts of the world visit India for RIRS treatment.
  • Easy availability of medical tourist visa.
  • Compassionate comprehensive care facilities with post-surgery care and rehabilitation.
  • World-class facilities and services.
How successful is RIRS Treatment in India?

The success rate of RIRS treatment in India is approximately 93 percent. It is important to note here that the success rate of RIRS treatment may vary as each individual responds differently to treatment methodologies and procedures.

Cost of RIRS Treatment treatment in India

The estimated cost of RIRS Treatment in India is approximately Rs. 100,000-120,000 ($1,400-1,700) though this may vary. The final treatment cost depends on a series of factors, including but not limited to the success rate of the surgeon and hospital, the general and overall health of the patient, type and complexity of surgery, accommodation, etc.

Why you must consult Medinirvana?

Medinirvana is the world's most preferred digital platform for medical tourism that can help you get complete assistance throughout your healthcare journey. Accredited with healthcare standardisations such as NABH, JCI, and MTQUA (Medical Travel Quality Alliance), Medinirvana provides 24x7 assistance to connect you with the best doctors in India.

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