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“Personal Care, Professional approach”. Our team always walks an extra mile to serve our patients well.

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To be your only Preferred Medical Assistance firm, striving to deliver quality services to medical travellers, throughout the globe.

Our Goal

We created Medinirvana as an easy to use, safe platform to help people resolve these issues. We constantly due our due diligence and consult multiple Hospitals, clinics, doctors, friends and scour the Internet to give you the updated information.

medical tourism in india

Once we receive the Query for medical treatment, we get back with the various option available for that procedure in india.

 After the process initiation, medical reports and prescriptions of the patients are requested, which are sent to various hospitals for the expert reviews.

 We mail you and recommendations of the various super specialists along with the approximate cost and likely duration of stay required for treatment in India.

The patient reviews the recommendations and selects the hospitals for the treatments.

 Our representative will receive you at the airport in India and facilitate your consultation with the medical expert. You can overview the medical expert, you can overview the medical facilities at the hospital, where your treatment will take place.

After you reach India, we will be constantly in touch with you over flow until all the media formalities are taken care. you will also have our organization staff visiting you at the concerned hospital.

 You check in to the hospital and start receiving your desired medical attention.Besides the treatment, you may opt for pre and post operative care and other consultation, in your package.

 Once you are fit and healthy, you may enjoy a post recuperative holiday, in any tourist destination in India.Stay on for a while or leave for your convenience.We ensure you are well looked after, from your arrival till departure to your home land.

Medinirvana  has a team of medical experts, who are available 24*7. The team will talk to you, see your reports and will guide you regarding the best hospital and the doctor you will need at that moment. We will also help you in getting the patient invitation letter. Not only this, when you are ready to finalize your trip our team will assist you in getting the medical visa.

Medinirvana is a digital platform, and one of the pioneers in the field of medical tourism. Since, India is one of the best medical tourism destinations in terms of quality of treatment as well as cost-effectiveness; our job is to assist and guide you throughout your journey. Right from the moment when you think of visiting India, till you get recovered we are here for you.

We recognize the importance of protecting the privacy of information we collect from our website users. We are committed to respecting their privacy. We will not sell, trade, rent, or give away any personal information that you have submitted during the online ordering process. This includes your Email address, credit card number or any other personal information.

If the administrator or processor fails to satisfy the data subject´s demands, the data subject is entitled to appeal directly to the Office for the Protection of Personal Data. If damages other than financial damages occur as a result of processing the data subject’s personal data, the process for lodging a claim is governed by a special law. The administrator is obliged without undue delay to inform the recipient of the data subject’s request and of blocking, amending, supplementing or liquidating the personal data. The foregoing does not apply if it is not possible to inform the recipient or if the provision of such information would require a disproportionate amount of effort.

Our agenda is to create the strongest bonds ensuring wellness and healthy life cutting across all the age groups of people in the world. Doctor consultation

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We are connected with the top hospital all over India. These include fortis healthcare group, apollo hospital, medanta hospital, manipal group of hospitals etc.

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medical tourism in india

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medical tourism in india

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medical tourism in india

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