Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Medinirvana

Welcome to the official website of Medinirvana. If you persist in using and browsing our website, you are agreeing to abide by our "Terms and Conditions". So, before you move on, we would urge you to go through the same as meticulously as possible.

Before we begin, here are some clarifications on several terms that have been used throughout the following segment –

  • Owing to offering the best medical tourism in India, we, at Medinirvana, have our own standing. Thus, to avoid complications, our website might use "us" or "we" to refer to our unique identity. On the other hand, the term, "you" will be used to refer to the individual who is currently reading this section.

  • The content on our website may include a small number of hyperlinks to one or more external sites. These have been provided only to improve the relevancy of the information provided here. We do not endorse or support these websites in any manner. If you wish to enter any of these platforms, then you will have to do so in your own responsibility.

  • The content available in the “Terms and Conditions” of our website is general and, hence, can be changed without notice. Thus, we would urge you to visit the same as frequently as possible to learn more about the updation.

Permission and License

Unless otherwise mentioned, we, at Medinirvana, own the intellectual property available on our website. Hence, while visiting us, you cannot –

  • Redistribute, reproduce, or republish any of our already-published content

  • Show or offer a visual display of any of our content in public

  • Rent, sell or sublicense the material from our website without our consent

You may only view or download some specific writings from the site. In some cases, you may need our consent, so kindly contact us about it prior to taking any action.

Acceptable Usage

You are refrained from using our website in any way that may impair or damage it. If you perform such an action, we will hold you responsible and take legal action against you. Aside from it, you may not –

  • Use our website to organize an unlawful connection or make any fraudulent moves

  • Utilize the site to store, copy, host, send, transmit, or distribute any computer virus, keystroke logger, Trojan horse, etc.

  • Conduct any automated or systematic data accumulation activities through our website

  • Use for marketing or any other related purposes

Restricted Area

Our website holds several restricted areas, which can only be used by the staff members of our organization. If we have provided you with a password or something similar to access the same, you will have to ensure its confidentiality positively. If it gets leaked or abused anyhow, we will consider you responsible and take lawful actions against you. If you find anything unusual regarding the access, you will need to notify us about the same as quickly as possible. We may ban or disable your account temporarily/permanently, depending on the complication.

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