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What Are We?

Medinirvana, in essence, is a Healthcare-based Medical Facilitating organization. We, as a medical tourism company in Delhi, help an individual to have state-of-the-art medical treatment in India. However, we are not a healthcare entity and, therefore, should not be compared with one as well. As per our know-how of the Indian medical culture, we provide information regarding the best physician and hospice in the country. We do take the financial strength of our clients as well. So, we would urge you to provide details regarding the same before opting for our services.

Information Available on Our Website

Our general blog section is filled with a wide range of content, which offers an appropriate clarification on several subjects. Each of them has been written with utmost precision by conducting meticulous research. However, at Medinirvana, we do not take the responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or consistency of such content. As the best medical tourism agency in India, we aim to cover almost every topic with efficiency and uniformity. However, the information provided by us should not be considered as the basis of the diagnosis or prognosis of any ailment. The facts available on our website must be used to improve one’s knowledge regarding the world of medical science.

Medical Services

Medinirvana aims to offer the finest medical service as per the requirements and necessities of the client. Hence, we ask for your personal details to evaluate their credibility and find out the best possible solution for you. We do not represent or support any specific hospice or clinic for its service. We merely choose the best options available on the website and consider if their services are reliable for you or not. All of the treatment and healthcare centres enlisted on our websites have been visited personally by us. We are well-aware of their credibility and, thus, can offer you the best-possible alternative without any consequential limitation.


We, at Medinirvana, do ask for specific details for our clients to proffer them with a personalized experience. However, owing to our well-maintained security infrastructure, we can keep the same in utmost privacy and concern. We will not share it with any of the third-party services without the consent of our respected client. However, we cannot guarantee privacy to your personal for any other website that has been linked with ours. Hence, we would urge you to be careful before disclosing anything with others.


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