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Breast augmentation, artificial development of breast, is a well-known surgery opted by women to enhance their personality and confidence. With a higher success rate, many women opts for this surgery. In this process, breast implants are inserted underneath the breast tissues or the chest muscles.


Breast Augmentation In India

Patient's Recovery Rate


Recovery Data The recovery from breast augmentation does not take a long time. Results are usually visible just after the completion of the surgery. However, it takes a minimum of 3 days to get back to the routine activities. Doctors, generally, won’t suggest the patient perform strenuous activities, extreme physical activities, weight lifting and more for a few weeks of the treatment. After the completion of the surgery, the patient experiences soreness, swelling, a little discomfort, and breast sensations for quite some time, say a few weeks. Although, it usually takes a time of around 6 weeks or at times a few months for the scars to fade away. For better and speedy recovery from breast augmentation surgery, patients are suggested to follow their surgeon’s instructions very carefully.

Success Rate


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Treatment Procedures and Success Rates The success rate of breast implant varies on the basis of several factors. The age, health condition, medical history, size of the breast, etc. are some common factors that have a major contribution in evaluating the success rate. In general, 67-77% of cases of breast augmentation are proved successful.

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Breast augmentation has now become a common procedure for enhancing the size and shape of the breast. Women with smaller breasts opt for this treatment. There are, however,  some other considerations too that makes a person suitable for the entire procedure.

  • Healthy and fully developed breast

  • Age of 18 or above

  • Emotionally fit 

  • Having realistic expectations

  • Have a person to support for the first 24 hours

Like every other surgical procedure, Breast Augmentation also possesses some risks and complications. The procedure for enlarging the breast does not have severe complications. However, discussing all the facts with the doctor will help in eliminating the risks. The below-given are the risks that a patient might encounter after the surgery. 

  • Pain and tenderness 

  • Scars around sutures

  • Bleeding

  • Wound infection

  • Sensation in the nipples or the breast

  • Leakage in the implant

The complete procedure of Breast Augmentation surgery takes approximately 1.5 hours to get done. Although, this time will differ as per the type of the procedure as well as the patient’s medical condition. Following the treatment, the patient has to remain supervised by the doctor in the hospital overnight.

Life after breast augmentation is the same as earlier. Women can live a normal life after resting for some days or maybe weeks. It is quite normal to go back to work, drive, exercise, and enjoy your life. However, there are certain instructions that the doctor asks the patient to follow to avoid complications.  

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