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Chemotherapy is a medical procedure to inhibit the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells (also referred to as malignant cells, tumour cells, and cancerous cells) anywhere in the body. Cancer can occur to anyone, irrespective of their age or gender. Prostate, colorectal, and lung cancers are usually


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Recovery Data Your oncologist and the cancer treatment team will be monitoring the efficacy of your treatments on a regular basis. These will include blood tests, imaging techniques, and possibly more. The more information you share with your oncologist about how the procedure is affecting you, the better and more result-oriented treatment experience will be.

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Post-Treatment Procedure and Success Rate It is important for you to completely and carefully follow all the post-operative instructions of your oncologist. It is equally important for you to lead a healthier and better lifestyle and perform basic exercises as suggested. The survival rate of people with cancer and opting for chemotherapy is approximately 28-82 percent.

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Chemotherapy is a powerful form of medical procedure and can adversely affect cells in hair, skin, the lining of the intestinal tract, and blood. The side effects of chemotherapy may include nausea, infections, fatigue, dry mouth, easy bruising, mouth soreness, and weight loss. However, the oncologist may help you manage these side effects of chemotherapy with lifestyle tips, medications, and more.

A majority of chemotherapy treatments are offered in repeating cycles, which range from two to six weeks.

Yes, cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy may experience a better quality of life in most cases. However, it is important for patients to strictly follow the instructions of your oncologist.

It is important for you to have important documents such as passport, medical recommendation letter, medical prescriptions and records, your current photographs, etc. along with the address and financial proofs.

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