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To restore the natural smile without any distractions, Dental Crown treatment is suggested by the dentists. Dental crown, the procedure to treat damaged teeth, is one of the most prominent dental treatments opted for restoring the size, shape, appearance, as well as strength of the teeth.


Best Dental Crown In India

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Recovery Data Dental crown is a simple and minor procedure. It usually does not require any major incision or tool. Hence, the recovery period of the same generally lasts for a few days. The numbness caused by anesthesia may last for some hours.

Success Rate


70% Complete

Treatment Procedure and Success Rate The dental crowning procedure is, indeed, an effective procedure and lasts for a prolonged period. A study in this aspect has revealed that at around 10 years of duration, the success percentage of the dental crown was almost 96%. In some cases, the crowns lasted for a longer duration. According to the same research, the 10+ year success rate of dental crown is generally around 62%, which is quite impressive.

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As mentioned before, the dental crown procedure is not complicated at all. Therefore, almost anyone can undergo the same. However, the best candidates for this treatment are –

  • Someone who has a cracked tooth

  • People with extensive tooth decay and large fillings

  • Fractures in teeth

  • Discoloration of tooth

  • Damaged tooth canal

  • Missing teeth

The dental crown usually does not cause any complications. However, in some cases, the following issues may occur among the patients –

  • Sensitivity or discomfort on the crowned tooth

  • Looseness of the crown

  • Allergic reaction to the crown

  • Numbness of the operated area

  • The occurrence of a dark line right next to the gum section

  • Chipping of the crown

The procedure of dental crown usually requires around two to four hours. Nonetheless, the overall duration might increase in case any complication arises during the surgery.

Yes, you can definitely live a healthy life after dental crown surgery. However, you may have to keep an eye on the crown all the time. In case it falls off, consult your dentist as soon as possible. Aside from that, the crown would last for around ten to fifteen years. So, once it gets loosened, you will have to go to your dentist and change it again.

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