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Even after intense dental care, millions of people experience tooth loss. For treating the lost tooth, dental implant treatment is carried out. It is suggested when an individual loses her/his tooth due to injury, disease, or else. Under this treatment, a strong foundation is provided to the tooth


Dental Implants In India

Patient's Recovery Rate


Recovery Data The dental implant is a procedure of a single day. The patient can drive back home easily on the very same day of the surgery. In the first 24 hours of the treatment, patients are recommended to use ice bags and a cold compress externally. In the case of edentulous patients, doctors provide a saline-soaked gauze square for at least an hour. It takes 7-14 days post-treatment for the removal of operative sutures. With this, extra care is recommended for eliminating pain after the operation. Patients are required to schedule regular visits to the doctor for a proper check on the tooth. Patients are advised to visit the doctor for a follow-up in every three months.

Success Rate


70% Complete

Treatment Procedures and Success Rates With a high success rate, a dental implant is a preferable option for replacing the tooth. In general, the success rate of the treatment is around 86-92%. However, the rate might vary with the patients. The overall health of the individual, the location of the tooth implantation, procedure opted, etc. are some prominent factors that contribute a lot in the success of the procedure. However, to enjoy the implantation for the long term, even for a lifetime, it is suggested to take proper oral care with extra precautions on what to eat.

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For a dental implant, the patient is required to check for eligibility. In general, the doctor examines the patient deeply before starting with the treatment. Here are some factors that make the individual right for the implant. 

  • Single or multiple teeth missing

  • Free-end teeth with partially or fully edentulous condition

  • Realistic expectations with the treatment

  • Healthy gum tissue

  • Old enough that jawbone has stopped growing

  • Have enough bones to support the implant

Dental Implant is quite a safe surgery and does not possess severe risks and complications. However, like other surgeries, it too has some risks. All the risks are easily curable and can be avoided with proper guidance.

  • A small injury to the surrounding of the implant tooth

  • Infection in the implant area

  • Pain and redness

  • Irritation and unusual sensations

Since the technology in dentistry is improving massively, living a normal life after the treatment is common. Although, for a few days, the patient is recommended to take extra precautions while eating and performing strenuous activities. However, driving, working, yoga, exercise, walking, etc. can be easily done after the treatment. 

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