best Hair Transplant (FUE and FUT) in india

Hair Transplant (FUE and FUT)

  • best Hair Transplant (FUE and FUT) in india

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  • best Hair Transplant (FUE and FUT) in india

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  • best Hair Transplant (FUE and FUT) in india

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Hair loss is one of the main concerns that is linked with self-esteem and confidence of many people. People suffering from hair loss try numerous tips, oral treatments (shampoo, oil, masks, etc.), organic solutions, and similar things for controlling the problem. 

There are over 80% men and 40%


Best Hair Transplant In India

Patient's Recovery Rate


Recovery data FUE method is the most trending hair transplant solution as it involves no stitching and sutures. Due to minimal incision, the recovery period for the FUE grafts is also less since the tiny dots heal in over a week time. The FUT method, however, has a longer recovery period as it is a surgical procedure involving stitches. The wounds are healed in 2-3 weeks and leave linear scarring. New hairs start to grow after 3-6 months, and it thickens at 10-15 months after the treatment.

Success Rate


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Treatment Procedures & Success Rates FUE is a safer technique which is preferred by surgeons across the world. The success rate of the FUE technique is considered 98-99%.On the other hand, FUT transplants have 95% to 98% successful results in patients.

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UE Technique Criteria:

  • If you can continue with long-term treatment

  • If your natural hairstyle is straight or wavy

  • If you are physically fit and take care of your diet

  • If your scalp has less scalp elasticity

FUT Technique Criteria:

  • If you have long hair - this will hide the linear scarring

  • If you have a large area of baldness

Risk factors accompany both FUE and FUT technique. Here are some of the complications faced by patients undergoing these treatments.

FUE Technique Risks:

  • Minor infections

  • Itchiness, swelling, and slight tingling sensation

  • Numbness in the recipient area

  • Inflammation of scalp or hair follicles in the treated area

FUT Technique Risks:

  • Blood clots 

  • Scarring

The FUT surgical transplant is completed in over 4-12 hours in only one session. You can have more than 2500 grafts done in one visit if you are going for the FUT method. However, the FUE technique is completed in multiple sessions, and each session of follicle grafting over 2-4 hours. If you are going for a mega session of FUE, then the procedure might stretch to 10-12 hours.

FUE and FUT procedures are hair restoration techniques which can last for the rest of your lifetime. You can live a normal life after doing an FUE transplant since there is no visible scarring after the procedure. The linear scarring due to FUT procedure can be treated. But if you grow long hair, the light scarring can be covered naturally.

Take good care of the hair and scalp, since the hair is fragile for upto 3-months after the surgery. Consult with your surgeon if you notice any problem in the treatment area. You can wash or style your hair, but try to cover the hair for dirt for the first 2-3 weeks.

Evaluating the pros and cons of both the treatments, we can clearly see that the FUE method adopts advanced techniques, whereas the FUT technique doesn’t have many risks included. 

FUT technique is the right choice to go for if you have a lot of hair on the donor area and need to graft 4000-5000 follicles in a single visit. People who don’t want to be bothered about minor scarring and have fewer donor sections of hair can always go with the FUE technique. Consult with your surgeon and understand which is likely to suit your needs before jumping to any conclusions.

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