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Heart failure is a chronic condition when the heart is not able to pump the blood in the system effectively or in other words, the heart’s functioning is reduced. Even though this is a serious condition, it can be effectively managed under the guidance of specialists.

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Heart Failure Treatment In India

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The recovery period ranges from a few weeks to 2-3 months post-surgery. Patients can return to normal routines and continue to live a good quality life with required lifestyle modifications.

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The success rate and recovery largely depend upon a person's age, sex, stage of heart failure, time of diagnosis, and treatment received. With recent innovations related to treatment approaches the success rate has increased over the years. Regular exercise, a healthy diet, and meditation help improve the outcome of the treatment as well as improve your life expectancy.

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The surgery has few risks associated with infection at the site, thromboembolism (blood clot obstructing the blood vessel), blood loss, and in rare cases chances of having a stroke or heart attack. The experienced surgeon will provide special care and preventive measures to limit the complications.

The procedure's duration depends upon the type of surgery, if you are having minimally invasive valve surgery; it takes around 2-3 hours.While for heart transplant surgery, it takes up to 10 hours to finish and the recovery period is longer.

Yes, you can live a normal life after heart surgery by monitoring your symptoms and regular health check-up with your doctor. Most people with simple to complex heart surgeries such as transplant surgery lead a normal life,  participate in sports, and only need annual check-ups. Surgery or treatment improves the functioning of your heart. By following the instructions given by your doctor, making healthy lifestyle changes, staying positive and active will help you manage your condition and improve your quality of life.

Consult the specialist in India about your heart condition and symptoms you are experiencing. Discuss your medical history, your allergies, recent surgery and other health conditions and also discuss the risk factors associated with your situation. Being aware of your treatment will relieve the anxiety and stress of the treatment. Your specialist will devise a personalized plan and explain the detailed procedure to you.

If you are required to undergo surgery, avoid smoking, alcohol consumption for at least three weeks before the surgery. 

Carry your reports from the primary care centre in your country along with a letter from the hospital. 

Ask the hospital staff in India about the duration of treatment and apply for a medical visa accordingly. 

Follow the instructions given by your doctor to minimize your risk and maximize your recovery.

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