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Best Heart Transplant In India

More About the Treatment

About the Treatment

Heart transplant procedure has been into practice since 1967, when the first ever human-to-human cardiac transplant surgery took place. Since then heart transplantation underwent many changes in the procedure, technology, probes, etc. Modern science brought with itself a new world of monitoring devices, robotic tools, advanced medication, which is why heart transplant surgery  emerged as what it is today - benefiting over 30,000 patients annually, in the US region. 

1.      What is the procedure?

Heart transplant surgery is a type of open-heart surgical procedure, which focuses on removing a diseased heart and replacing it with a new one. The donated heart generally comes from a deceased individual. However, before taking it, at least two or more healthcare specialists will need to declare that the donor is brain-dead.

  • A heart transplant surgery tends to be considerably complicated. Thus, in most cases, it is performed by a full-fledged team of


Patient's Recovery Rate


Recovery Data Once the surgical procedure has been performed, the patient will be kept in the ICU for some days. He might also have to stay in the hospital for around a week or two. The duration will depend on the after-effects of the procedure.

Success Rate


70% Complete

Treatment Procedure and Success Rate The success rate of heart transplantation usually depends on various factors and varies from one person to another. However, due to the modern medical procedure and advancement of technologies, the outlook of the procedure has become quite positive. For instance, the overall success rate of heart transplantation after one year revolves around 85%. The percentage of the same gets a bit lower after the 5-year mark. However, the survival rate of 69% still seems to be quite impressive.

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The proper candidates for heart transplantation are –

  • Suffering from an advanced stage heart failure

  • Is in decent health and shape

  • Does not have any other terminal disease

Some of the common complications related to heart disease are –

  • Side effects of the medications

  • Issues regarding primary graft

  • Mild infections

  • Hardening of the arteries

The general timeline of heart transplant surgery is around four hours. However, the overall duration might change depending on the complication.

Yes, the patients can live their life normally after undergoing heart transplant surgery. However, they will have to be pretty careful about their well-being. If they do feel any issues, like chest pain or persistent nausea, it will be better to contact the doctor.

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