best Heart Valve Replacement Surgery in india

Heart Valve Replacement Surgery

  • best Heart Valve Replacement Surgery in india

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  • best Heart Valve Replacement Surgery in india

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  • best Heart Valve Replacement Surgery in india

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When one or more valves of the heart are unable to perform its function properly, surgery is required to be performed. Heart valve replacement is the surgery that is carried out for treating valvular heart disease. The diseased valves are unable to flow the blood properly, hence, they are required


Heart Valve Replacement Surgery Cost In India

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Recovery Data Heart valve replacement is an intensive surgery that requires a close watch for quite some time for better recovery. Majority of the Surgeons ask the patient to stay in the hospital for around a week. The stay there will also include a day or two in ICU. Once the Surgeon finds the patient well enough, he/she might go back home. However, to return back to normal life, it might take a few weeks or even months. While recovering, performing strenuous tasks are not allowed. Patients can get back to their work in 4-6 weeks. Meantime, proper care with healthy eating and timely medication is vital for a successful recovery.

Success Rate


70% Complete

Treatment Procedures and Success Rates Age, a heart condition, overall health, and several other factors play a crucial role in the success of the surgery. Along with this, different valve replacement surgeries have a different rate of success. For example, the Aortic Valve Replacement has a higher success rate of approx 94%. However, in the case of Mitral Valve Replacement, the rate goes down to 91%. The success rate of combine valve replacement is quite lesser as it involves treating all the valves and is riskier.

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For replacing the heart valve successfully and to enjoy a happy life after the surgery, the patient is required to be apt for the treatment. Following are the conditions that will make the valve replacement surgery right for you. 

  • When the heart condition is severe.

  • Medications are not working right for the symptoms.

  • Signs and symptoms such as chest pain, erratic heart rate, etc. are encountered.

  • You must not have any severe untreatable disease. 

With the advancement in technology, heart valve replacement surgery has now become safe. Even so, there are some risks and complications that are associated with the surgery.

  • Bleeding at the time or after the treatment

  • Mild infection at the surgical site

  • Breathing issues 

  • Abnormal heartbeats

  • Fever and swelling in the body

Yes, once the operation has been done, you can live a regular and stable life comfortably. However, a rest of some days is needed to get back to normal life. A few medicines are required to be taken for the rest of life after the surgery. For better results and to avoid any complications, you just need to follow all the instructions given by the Surgeon. 

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