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Kidney transplant is provided to patients with damaged kidney or kidney failure conditions. Kidney transplants might improve the condition of your life and also have a chance of a longer life. In general, kidney transplants are performed if you have a living donor, who is a close maternal or paterna


Kidney Transplant In India

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Recovery data Patients who undergo kidney transplant surgery resume their regular activity like walking, and other normal chores (not heavy) near after 8-weeks. Although the surgical wounds are healed in 3-6 weeks after the transplant surgery, you can experience strength regain and energetic after one or two weeks. However, it is advisable to avoid heavy lifting or exercising until the wound is completely healed so you can avoid any post-surgical complications.

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Success Rate The success rate of a kidney transplant from a living donor for the first year post-surgery has been evaluated to be over 90% - 95% in India. So, patients can now extend the longevity of their life without much complication and maintain a stable life with high-quality treatment in the country.

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Although you might have kidney failure, kidney transplant is performed only on patients who are examined to be fit as a recipient. Kidney transplant is performed as a treatment to patients with irreversible kidney diseases (which has no other medication or surgical treatment). Below are the criteria that make you a good candidate for a kidney transplant procedure.

  • If you are suffering from end-stage renal disease (ESRD) or are stage-4 or 5 CKD patient

  • If you have no complaints of severe infection

  • If you are physically fit and don’t experience any weakness

  • If you don’t suffer from cancer

If you qualify to be fit for a kidney transplant, you can proceed for the surgical procedure with a match donor kidney.

Kidney transplant surgery is accompanied by significant risks that you might experience, such as:

  • Blood clotting in the veins

  • Urinary tract blockage or leakage, and in some cases, infections are also noticed

  • Kidney transplant failure if the body rejects the new kidney

  • Unexamined donor's kidney poses a threat for cancer 

Kidney transplant is only performed when there is a kidney failure, and this major surgery takes place for over four hours. After the surgery, you will be kept in observation to see if there is any complication and whether or not transplanted kidney functions. The length of the hospital stay might increase or decrease depending on the rate of progress, type of surgery, and other factors.

Living donor kidney transplant is expected to increase the life expectancy of the patient to an average of 12-20 years.You can easily live a normal life after surgery and resume physical activity (not heavy workout), sexual activity, and others. You can also boost longevity with proper diet plans and regular non-strenuous exercises.

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