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Several health conditions and medical situations may require performance of a surgical process on the knee to provide replacement. A knee replacement surgery may become inevitable when resurfacing of knee joint parts becomes vital. Further, additional treatments may fail to control knee pain, which


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Recovery Data It takes quite some time for a patient to recover from knee replacement surgery. You will need around three to six weeks to start walking properly again. Conversely, you may require around four to six months to recover from the surgery completely. During this period, you will be asked not to wear heavy clothing or carry loads. Moreover, you will also have to clean up the surgical site daily. You may apply a cold compress or ice on the area where the surgery was performed to reduce swelling. You can also take pain relievers to get some help in this aspect. Nonetheless, make sure to contact your doctor before consuming them.

Success Rate


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Treatment Procedure and Success Rate The surgical procedure of knee replacement is known to be considerably simple and safe. According to reports, around 85% to 90% of such procedures tend to be successful for almost 10 to 15 years of time. However, the time frame would depend on the overall health of the patient and his/her level of activity. In some cases, the doctor may suggest for recovery surgery as well.

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The candidates of knee replacement surgery will need to have –

  • Severe knee pain, which limits their movement or daily activities

  • The pain is occurring even when the individual is resting.

  • The other treatments of the same, such as medication and therapies, are not working.

  • The occurrence of joint degeneration

The chance of the risks or complications occurring in knee replacement surgery is almost zero. However, in some cases, the following issues may appear –

Some mild complications related to anesthesia (shivering, vomiting, sore throat, discomfort)

  • Mild infections (can be taken care of with medication)

  • Moderate pain

  • Allergic reaction to metal-based components

  • A feeling of stiffness in the knees

  • Temporary loss of movement or motion

The duration of the knee replacement surgical procedure primarily depends on the doctor’s skillset. However, in most cases, it would last for around one to three hours. Sometimes, it may require more, but that is pretty rare.

Yes, once you are done with the surgery, you will need around a few weeks to get back to your daily activities. However, during the first few days, you may feel a bit of discomfort or pain. But, in the later stages, you will get used to it and get back your movement again.

To prepare for the surgery, you will have to –

  • Plan your treatment as early as possible to prepare all of your paperwork and documents

  • Ask your doctor about the procedure, recovery period, success rate, etc.

  • Learn do-it-yourself therapies for a better outlook at the surgery

  • Stop smoking and drinking.

  • Make sure to prepare your home early on.

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