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A stable body weight with accumulation of excessive fat in only a few selective areas may demand a surgical treatment to remove the extra fat and achieve an optimum appearance. This may make you an ideal candidate for liposuction, which targets those areas of the body which do not respond to diet


Liposuction In India

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Recovery Data The recovery procedure usually starts after the patient is taken to the recovery room. He/she will be kept there until they recuperate from anesthesia. If fewer incisions are made, then the patient will be able to get back to their daily life within a week. During the first four weeks, the patient will be prohibited from doing any strenuous tasks at all. The pain will get reduced within the first month of the operation. Although, the swelling in the surgical site might be there for quite some months, to say the least. In most cases, the doctors will provide some information to help the patient in recovering quickly. The suggestions might include - The safest methods of cleaning and taking care of the surgical site Medications to be taken orally or applied on the place reduce the risk of infection and pain Some surgery-related concerns to keep in check for the next few months

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Success Rate According to a PubMed report, the complication report of liposuction is only around 5%, and all the issues are being reported as minor. Understanding how liposuction works, you will realise it's a very easy process. Of course there are needles and syringes involved, but the doctors do a fine task eliminating fat from your body. It is a more or less a much safer operation because liposuction is a very minimalistic approach towards removing fat from your body and giving yourself a perfect shape.

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The eligibility criteria for liposuction usually enlists of –

  • The patients have to be over 18 years of age.

  • He/she should be a non-smoker and non-drinker.

  • They need to have decent health and appropriate fat distribution.

  • The non-surgical procedures did not work for them.

  • They have localized fat pockets in several specific areas.

  •  They are suffering from Gynecomastia or lymphedema.

The risks of liposuction may include –

  • Mild accumulation of fluid in the operating section

  • Temporary numbness due to anesthesia

  • Swelling or bumpiness on the skin

  • Mild to moderate pain in the incised area (will go away within a few days)

Mild indigestion and constipation

In general, the overall procedure takes around one to two hours to complete. However, in some cases, the duration also depends on the surgical site and condition as well. For example, the surgery, which is done around the neck section, generally does not take too much time. But, removing fatty substances from the abdomen by following the same procedure may require a few hours. 

Yes, you can definitely live a normal and healthy life after undergoing liposuction. During the initial few weeks, you may sense discomfort when moving or doing simple tasks. But, following a few months, you will feel strong, confident, and re-invigorated.

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