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About the Treatment

Oral cancer is a risk factor that develops inside the mouth thereby hampering normal functionality like chewing, swallowing, tasting, etc. Prolonged oral cancer without treatment can endanger the life of the host. It is a very common condition seen primarily in people over the age


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Recovery Data The recovery data of oral cancer treatment tends to vary on the method used to cure the disease. For example, if the patient has undergone surgery, then he will have to stay at the hospital for a few days. They may also require a few weeks to feel a bit better. The pain of the surgery will take some more days to get healed. In some cases, they might require some special care and therapies as well.

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Treatment Procedure and Success Rate The success rate of oral cancer primarily depends on its growth and stage. However, the average survival rate of the health condition usually adheres around 66.2% (5-year). Nonetheless, if the cancer is localized, then the rate of success may increase to almost 83%. Anyways, stage IV oral cancer has a success rate of only 45%.

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The risk of oral cancer treatment may include:

  • Pain, especially on the surgical site

  • Mild bleeding from the incision

  • Some milder symptoms regarding lymph node removal

  •  Tiredness (due to radiation therapy)

  • Discomfort while eating

The duration of an oral cancer surgery generally depends on the site, the health of the patient, and the overall complication of the procedure. Hence, it can, sometimes, last for quite a few hours as well.

Yes, all the patients can lead a normal life, even after undergoing the surgical procedure. However, as a precautionary step, they will need to stop smoking. Moreover, going for a regular check-up would be crucial for them as well.

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