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Prostate, a tiny walnut-sized gland, generates a seminal fluid that carries the sperm and provides it with the nourishment. Cancer in the prostate is one of the highly diagnosed cancers in men. Some of these cancers require minimal or no treatment while some are acute and ask for intense cancer trea


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Recovery Data The prostate cancer surgery, or prostatectomy, is a major surgery. The body of the patient will require some time to recover from it. Typically, after the surgery, a patient will have to stay at the hospital overnight. If the doctors deem him to be in a proper condition, then the individual would be allowed to go home and they need to take care of themselves during the recuperation period. It will take around six week for them to return to their daily routine. In the meantime, they will have to avoid lifting heavy objects. Most people also tend to start driving within the first few weeks of the surgery. However, it would be better for the patient to wait for the above-mentioned period before doing any stressful task.

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Treatment Procedure and Success Rate The success rate of prostate cancer usually varies on its location and malignancy. For example, the success rate of treatment for less-malignant regional prostate cancer is almost around 100%. In this scenario, both surgical procedure and radiation therapy can prove to be effective for the patients. Conversely, if the cancer has spread to other parts of the body, then the success rate of the treatments goes down to 31%. The combined survival rate for all these stages is around 98%.

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Radical prostatectomy is one of the most common procedures, which is done to cure prostate cancer. However, before opting for it, a patient will have to go through a proper checklist and ensure that he is the right candidate. It may include:

  • The patient needs to be in decent health without any terminal diseases whatsoever.

  • He should have an estimated life expectancy of over ten years.

  • Cancer has not spread anywhere else other than the local area.

  • He has understood and discussed all other treatment procedures with his doctor but none of them could be suggested to him.

The risks regarding prostate cancer treatment are somewhat mild and usually do not cause any significant issues. But, in some unfortunate cases, the patient can experience serious complications as well. Here is everything you need to know in this aspect.

  • Urinary incontinence (the loss of control or involuntary urination)

  • Low libido or a sudden lack of sexual drive

  • Mild to moderate changes in orgasm

  •  Impotence or erectile dysfunction

  • Mild reactions to the anaesthesia procedure (in case of surgery)

The duration of the surgery would depend on the approach of the procedure. However, on average, it usually takes two to four hours to complete.

Yes, you can definitely live a healthy life after the surgery. You can drive, go to your office, exercise, and do anything that you used to do previously. However, in some cases, you may have to deal with some complications of the surgery. Thus, to avoid them, you will need to follow the instructions of your doctor in a proper manner.

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