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About the Treatment

1.    What is the procedure?

Rhinoplasty (nose job) is a typical cosmetic surgical procedure, which is performed to alter the shape or improve the functionality of the nose. In some cases, it might also be recommended to correct the disfigurement of the same and cure brea


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Patient's Recovery Rate


Recovery Data After undergoing the Rhinoplasty surgery, the patient will need to put on a nasal splint during the initial week. In this period, a little bit of bruising and swelling around the operated section and eyes might occur. It can last for almost two weeks. Aside from the eyes, the nose of the patient will get swollen too. However, it will be relieved within six months of the surgery. The shape of the nose of the patient will be much more apparent after the healing procedure is completed. The patients should avoid doing any strenuous work during the first 3-6 weeks of the procedure. However, they might begin getting involved in the social activities within 2-3 weeks of the procedure.

Success Rate


70% Complete

Success Rate According to medical literature, the revision rate of a nose job or Rhinoplasty revolves around 10% to 15%. Hence, it can be perceived that the overall success percentage of the same will be almost 85% to 90%. However, the success rate of the surgery primarily depends on the skillset of the doctor as well.

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The following are some characteristics that a right candidate for Rhinoplasty needs to have –

  • The facial growth of the person is complete.

  • He/she does not smoke

  • They have a positive expectation and outlook for the improvement of their appearance.

  • They are at least 18 years of age. 

  • They do not have any kind of allergic reaction or medical condition that might complicate the surgical procedure.

The risks and complications of Rhinoplasty might include –

  • Mild to moderate bleeding

  • Infection in the surgery site

  • Adverse reactions or allergies related to anaesthesia

  • Temporary numbness around the nose

  • Discolouration of the skin (on the surgical site)

  • Noticeable scarring (rare complication)

The Rhinoplasty procedure generally takes around one to two hours to complete. However, if any complications arise during the surgery, then it might last for a bit longer than usual.

Yes, almost everyone can lead a normal lifestyle after undergoing Rhinoplasty. Nevertheless, you might have to wear a nose protector during the first week of the surgery. Furthermore, you may have to clean the surgical site on a daily basis to avoid infections.

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