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Retrograde Intrarenal Surgery is a reliable and efficient medical procedure. A medical professional may recommend opting for RIRS due to peculiar complexities in a case of kidney stone. It is a breakthrough procedure which is minimally invasive and involves a quicker recovery time period.

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Recovery Data Once the surgery is completed, the surgeon will place a urine catheter in the patient’s urethra for reducing the pain or discomfort while urinating. A KUB X-ray within 24 hours will also be performed to check the condition of the kidneys. The normal evaluation of the condition will commence after one to two weeks. In the meantime, the patient will be advised to drink more water and avoid doing any strenuous tasks at all. An individual might require around three to six weeks to recover from the after-effects of the procedure.

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Treatment Procedure and Success Rate The success rate of Retrograde Intrarenal Surgery is fairly decent. According to a study, the percentage of being entirely stone-free was almost 70% right after completing the procedure. On the other hand, the overall percentage grew to be around 73% after a month of the surgery. Post one month, the stone-free of the same had increased to 80%, which is, indeed, a decent result, to say the least.

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To undergo the Retrograde Intrarenal Surgery, an individual needs to be at least 18 years old.

The risk of the surgery usually involves –

  • Anesthesia-related problems

  • Mild internal bleeding, which may require a blood transfusion

  • Kidney damage (rare)

  • Fever

  • Pain in the flanks

The overall duration of the surgical procedure usually does depend on the method. However, in any case, it tends to last for around 20 minutes to 45 minutes.

Yes, you can definitely lead a normal life after undergoing the medical procedure. Nonetheless, you may have to be a bit careful during the first few weeks.

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