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Millions of teeth are saved each year with the help of Root Canal or endodontic treatment. A Root Canal treatment relieves pain and makes the tooth healthy again by carefully cleaning and disinfecting the tooth's inside. Many teeth that are fixed with a root canal can last a lifetime. According to th


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Recovery Data Before the pain completely subsides, recovery from Root canal treatment usually takes about three days to two weeks. Mild over-the-counter medications can usually control the pain caused by normal tissue inflammation. Patients can be back to their regular routine in a day or so.

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Treatment Procedures and Success Rates Root canal treatment has a very high success rate, which is more than 95%, and root canal treated teeth can easily last for a lifetime.

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If you are experiencing any of the below-mentioned symptoms, then you are the right candidate for a Root canal procedure:

  • Pain in your teeth: Specifically, when you eat, bite down, or apply pressure to your teeth, which makes it worse.

  • Sensitivity: Some people experience sensitivity specifically while eating hot and cold food. But, the need for a Root canal arises when you are experiencing this sensitivity all the time.

  • Inflamed gums: The gum area around the infected tooth gets swollen and is painful. In some cases, it may have a small bump on them.

Here are four possible complications that can occur after root canals:

  • Infection

Infections can result from bacteria entering the tooth and soft tissue during the treatment. Signs of infection include pain, fever, swelling, abscess or pus. 

  • Breaking of Teeth:

It is essential to have a crown placed on the tooth after the decay that caused a root canal to be removed to help keep it strong and healthy. If a crown is not placed on time, the tooth might crack, break, which will require additional dental treatments or complete removal of the tooth.

  • Root fracture

The tooth's root can be fractured due to decay or pre-existing cracks that are too small to see. You and your endodontist would need to discuss options for treating the tooth if a fracture occurs.

  • Numbness

There can be inflammation in the nearby nerves when the material used to fill the root canal could move outside of the perimeter of where it should be placed. This causes numbness in that area.

A simple root canal surgery takes around 30 to 60 minutes, but approximately 90 minutes is spent on the dentist's chair when you go for a Root canal appointment.

Recovery after any surgery takes time, and you cannot rush its process. Just the first few days of soreness will be a little bit distracting and exhausting. After this, you can eventually get back to all the usual activities and will be able to eat everything that you love.

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