best Spine Surgery Treatment in india

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  • best Spine Surgery Treatment in india

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  • best Spine Surgery Treatment in india

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A leading cause of disability worldwide, Back pain is one of the most common reasons why people miss work or go to the doctor. Back pain can range from a burning, stabbing, or shooting sensation to a muscle aching. In addition, the pain may worsen with twisting, standing, walking, lifting, or bendin


Best Spine Treatment Surgery In India

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Generally, recovery starts a week to six months after a spinal injury. The fastest rate of recovery is usually experienced in the first six months.

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Success Rate And Recovery 1. Treatment Procedures & Success Rates Some of the traditional spinal procedures include traditional lumbar fusion, microdiscectomy, nucleoplasty, and laminectomy. According to a study, the success rate of spinal surgeries is around 94 percent for patients who undergo herniated cervical disc surgery and 78.9 percent for those undergoing a herniated lumbar disc surgery.

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  • Anyone who experiences significant trauma to his or her neck or head after a spinal injury must seek immediate medical intervention.

  • Paralysis or numbness may happen gradually or immediately as swelling or bleeding occurs in or around the spinal cord.

  • The time duration between injury and treatment can be extremely critical to ascertain the severity and extent of the medical complications and the possible extent of expected recovery.

  • A severe spinal injury is not always immediately noticeable or obvious. However, a major severe injury may occur if it is not recognised on time.

In rare cases, spine surgery can cause health complications such as facial sores, nerve injury, blood clots, infection, dural tear, or leakage of cerebrospinal fluid.

It is important for you to ask questions from your spine surgeon about the possible risks associated with your specific neck or back surgery. Furthermore, you must also ask for ways on how you can help prevent potential health complications. Knowing the risks beforehand helps you weigh them against the potential advantages - and that ultimately lets you take a fully informed decision about whether the spinal cord procedure is best for you.

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