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About the Treatment The emergence of dental veneers in the world of dentistry is pretty notable. Its role in enhancing dental aesthetic by correcting the impairments of the teeth has ranked it as one of the most demanded dental cosmetic procedures. Be it porcelain laminates or custom made resin vene


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Recovery data There is no recovery time with dental veneers, rather an adjustment period for the veneers to sit perfectly on your teeth. Generally, this adjustment period can stretch up to 2-weeks. And during this time period, the teeth also heal from the bonding sensitivity. However, you can resume normal activities the same day of the treatment.

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Treatment Procedures & Success Rates The solution to people with dental issues is veneers, which are inert and thin shells designed with the color of the tooth. Veneers attach tightly to your teeth and stay on for a very long time. The dental veneers is a safe procedure which not only enhances your dental aesthetics but gives you the freedom to smile with confidence. Not only this, recent studies show that the success rate of dental veneers is calculated to be 91% and chosen by many patients to correct their anterior teeth issues.

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To understand whether or not you are suitable for dental veneers, we have narrowed down a list of signs which make you a good candidate.

  • If you have extremely stained or discolored teeth which can’t be bleached.

  • If you have crooked teeth.

  • If you have good oral health.

  • If you have a thick enamel layer.

Although a lot of people prefer dental veneers, there are reported some complications associated with this procedure, which are as follows.

  • Post-treatment removal might cause pain and other complications.

  • It might increase (natural) tooth/teeth sensitivity.

  • It can break if strong pressure is applied, so if you try to break a nut, open a bottle cap, or chew hard substance, cracks can develop - and it can’t be fixed.

Depending on the veneer material you are proceeding with. If you are going for porcelain veneers, the treatment is completed in 2-3 visits. Since composite/resin veneers are sculpted by on the same day of the treatment and directly applied to the teeth, it is accomplished in one visit. These processes are minimally invasive, and you can continue regular activities after the final placement.

Dental veneers are a long-term treatment for the damaged teeth as they are durable and give a natural tooth-like appearance. You can regain the confidence to smile and consume tea, coffee, etc. without staining the teeth. As they are permanent, you won’t have to spend much on cosmetic dental treatment and achieve a perfect smile with a one-time treatment. Although, you have to be cautious about chewing hard items to avoid chipping or cracking the veneer layer.

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